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Nov 09, 2020 · I am having some possible trouble with my Fuji X100f and a mounted WCL wide angle. I know that the WCL is supposed to not degrade optical quality -- but, I feel like I am noticing a pattern of softer images with its use. This image was taken with the X100f …

Dec 03, 2020 · X100F taking three pictures each time. 5 hours ago I must have accidentally seset somthing, because now my F is bracketing a stop or maybe 2/3 of a stop each time I press the button, and I can’t find how to undo this setting.

The Fujifilm X100V camera is one of the best compact cameras, it is a great side tool for street photography, it has a tilting screen, it features a great

Exclusive deal at B&H Photo.A new great deal is for Fujifilm’s premium compact camera as the Fujifilm X100F selling for $899.. This is $400 off compared to the regular price $1,299 at Amazon, Adorama.The Fujifilm X100F is one of the most popular comact cameras on the market and it gets an impressive 83% overall score and Gold Award from the experts at DPReview.

Dec 02, 2020 · It is nice to see the Fujifilm camera does so well though. View sample images from the Fujifilm X100V. ... It would still be a tough call as X100F are like 40% less than an X100V on the used market. Oh, and it's a lot of fun too. ... Hands-on with new Sigma 35mm and 65mm F2 DG DN lenses, DPReview TV: Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN and 65mm F2 DG DN review ...